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Australian Manuka raw honey MGO 56

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***Laboratory tested MGO 56***

Our raw Manuka honey is harvested in the south of west Australia from Manuka fields that have specifically chosen Manuka plants brought from New Zealand known to produce highly medicinal Manuka honey.

our Manuka is dark colour and bold in flavour as a high quality Manuka should be

100% Australian Super Manuka Honey is a high strength bioactive honey suitable for wound care and digestive health.  It is antibacterial and contains natural enzymes and antioxidants and has a pre-biotic effect which may boost immunity.  It may be a natural alternative to refined sweeteners and it can be added to foods or drinks, but is more often taken by itself, orally or topically. The current batch (Gm08) has been tested by independent NATA accredited laboratories

Very limited supply available, so get yours before it sells out! 

shipping weight: 550g