Christmas Sample Gift Pack - Pure & Natural Honey Co
Christmas Sample Gift Pack - Pure & Natural Honey Co

Sample Gift Pack

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The taster pack is perfect for somebody who wants to try the top 3 honey varieties Western Australia has to offer 

it includes :

1x 50g jarrah TA 40+

1x 50g redgum/ marri

1x 50g mix blossom 

1x honey dipper stick

1x porcelain Christmas tree 


 Each honey variety has a very different flavour and varying medicinal value

The packs make for a cute gift for friends and family along with a gift card so they can get themselves some of their favorite honey after trying each variety.


All of our honey is cold extracted to keep the honey in its natural state, this is the main difference between our honey and most shop bought honey, not to mention you are supporting local small business and beekeepers.


Jarrah 40+

The Health Properties of Jarrah Honey are now well known, Much research has been carried out on Jarrah honey. It has high antibacterial and antimicrobial activity and due to its high hydrogen peroxide level, it can inhibit Golden Staph Bacteria. Level of activities at major enzymes in honey are identified and measured by scientists which resulting an overall data of honey activity index as total activity referring as “TA”. The larger number represents the stronger antibacterial level of the honey.

Jarrah honey has one of the highest antioxidant levels in the world. Doctors recommend eating or drinking five foods high in antioxidants per day.

The use of honey as an alternative therapy to combat infection by antibiotic resistant organisms is gaining ground with new research confirming the medicinal benefits of the natural product.

As Jarrah honey is a high fructose honey those consumers, who are diabetic and still desire some sweetness in their diet, will find this honey beneficial whereas some honeys in the world are much higher in glucose

 Batch: BF12 19/11/21


Redgum/ Marri

Marri is the traditional name used by Aboriginals, most people know it as redgum. 

The rich dark coloured Redgum honey has a distinctive full bodied fresh fruit  almost plum flavour, less sweet than other honey varieties and a richly golden colour. Redgum is fantastically versatile and can be used in almost any recipe from smoothies to marinades.

a great variety of honey for medicinal purposes as well as the honey lover who likes something a little less sweet 


current batch: B011 19/11/21



Local Mix blossoms


Mix blossom honey is excellent in combating hay fever as it’s been harvested in the Perth suburbs and contains pollen from the same flora that cause hay fever.

The current batch has a very sweet flavour, containing yorkgum, cape weed, jarrah and wild flowers great for tea/coffee and goes great on top of any dessert.


 Current batch: SB10 19/11/21



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