Who We Are

At Pure & Natural Honey Co. we are dedicated to gathering and selling only pure, raw honey from the rare and unique forests and landscapes of Western Australia. We work closely with our own beekeepers and commercial partners to ensure that our honey is completely natural, with no added ingredients like corn or rice syrup, or any other artificial sweeteners that you might find in honey from other companies solely looking to boost their profits, without regard for consumer health.

What makes our honey even more special is that Western Australia is one of the few places in the world that remains unaffected by the pests that plague bee populations, so our honey is free from any pesticides or chemicals that you might find in honey from other regions.

Moreover, we package our honey in its natural raw state to ensure that all the goodness and nutrients from the hives remain intact, just as nature intended.

We take great pride in sharing this incredible product with everyone and strive to maintain its natural purity so that you can enjoy it as if it were straight from the hive. We're proud of our local beekeepers and, of course, the millions of hardworking bees that make this natural, healthy product possible.

Thank you for choosing Pure & Natural Honey Co. and for supporting our mission to make the world a sweeter, more sustainable place, one jar of honey at a time.