About Pure & Natural Honey Co



Our Background

Pure & Natural Honey Honey is committed to gathering and selling ONLY pure raw honey from the rare and unique forests and landscape of Western Australia. We work hard as beekeepers and with commercial beekeepers partners to ensure that our honey is pure, raw and natural with no added ingredients like corn/ rice syrup and other artificial sweeteners you may find in honey from many other honey companies, where they increase profits without caring about the consumers health.

West australia is one of the last known states in the world to be unaffected by pests that plague bee populations around the world and hence our honey contains ZERO pesticides/ chemicals you will find in honey from just about anywhere else on the planet!

Additionally, Pure & Natural Honey is packaged in its natural raw state to ensure all the goodness that comes from the hives remain in the honey, just the way nature had intended. 


We are proud to share this amazing product with everyone, we want to keep our honey natural so you can enjoy it just as if it was from the hive,  were so proud of our local beekeepers and of course all the millions of hard working bees that make this amazing natural healthy product.