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Raw Certified Jarrah / Blackbutt TA 35+

Raw Certified Jarrah / Blackbutt TA 35+

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250g PET square container

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1kg   PET square bottle 

Our Jarrah/Blackbutt honey blend is a natural mix crafted by our bees in the hive. As the jarrah trees stop producing nectar and the honey super boxes reach 75% capacity, the blackbutt trees begin to flower. Our bees fill the remaining space in the honeycomb with blackbutt nectar, creating a unique and delicious blend of honey.

The combination of jarrah and blackbutt nectar creates a perfect balance of sweetness, making it an excellent alternative for those who find jarrah honey too sweet. Our loyal customers who love jarrah honey have tried this blend and keep coming back for more.

Not only does our Jarrah/Blackbutt honey blend taste amazing, but it also offers numerous health benefits. The honey is 100% natural and unheated, containing all of the natural enzymes and pollen. It's also free from pesticides and insecticides, ensuring that you are getting pure and natural honey.

Experience the unique flavor and benefits of our Jarrah/Blackbutt honey blend today.

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