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Elite Certified Blackbutt Honey TA50+

Elite Certified Blackbutt Honey TA50+

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Experience the incredible antibacterial power of our Raw Elite Blackbutt honey, special nectar sourced straight from the coastal plains of Western Australia. This honey is truly one-of-a-kind, with its deep, dark color, rich taste and incredible TA score that sets it apart from other Active eucalyptus honeys on the market. Our hardworking bees put in their all, buzzing among the gorgeous white flowers and lush green leaves of the eucalyptus patens trees, to bring you this extraordinary honey.

Thick and luxurious, Blackbutt honey is a luxurious flavor sensation that's popular thanks to its similarity to the famous jarrah honey. It's the perfect choice for those who want something unique and with some of the strongest natural bacteria killing strength in honey on planet earth.

Stocks wont last, limited quantity available.

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Batch number: REB11


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