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Raw Certified Redgum/ Marri honey TA35+ 15kg

Raw Certified Redgum/ Marri honey TA35+ 15kg

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Marri and Redgum trees are exclusive to the pristine, pest-free bushland of Western Australia and are renowned for their remarkable peroxide activity, akin to the celebrated Jarrah honey. The latest batch of Redgum honey hails from the native forest in Jarrahdale, nestled approximately 70 kilometers south of vibrant Perth. Here at our honey production facility, we employ a cold extraction method, preserving the honey in its unadulterated state, setting us apart from the majority of store-bought alternatives. Furthermore, when you choose our honey, you're not just savoring nature's goodness; you're also championing local small businesses and dedicated beekeepers.

Our Redgum honey is characterized by its luscious, deep hue and a full-bodied flavor that exhibits subtle notes of plum, rendering it less saccharine than other honey varieties. Its rich, golden color adds depth and character to an array of culinary creations, be it a wholesome smoothie or a savory marinade.

Shipping Weight: 15.5kg 🍯🌳

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