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Raw Mixed Blossom Honey 15kg

Raw Mixed Blossom Honey 15kg

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Our Mix Blossom honey is a natural ally against hay fever, harvested right in the suburbs of Perth and containing pollen from the very flora responsible for those pesky allergies. It's like nature's way of fighting back!

We take pride in cold-extracting all our honey to keep it in its purest, most natural state. This sets our honey apart from the mass-produced options you find in most stores. When you choose our honey, you're not just enjoying a delectable treat; you're also championing local small businesses and our devoted beekeepers.

The current batch, MB08, offers a delightfully sweet flavor profile, courtesy of the banksia, redgum, jarrah, and wildflowers it contains. This honey is perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to your tea or coffee, and it makes a delightful drizzle atop any dessert. Best of all, our supplies are always abundant, so you can savor the goodness without breaking the bank.

Batch: MB08

Shipping Weight: 15.5kg 🍯🌼🌸

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