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Raw Mixed Blossom Honey

Raw Mixed Blossom Honey

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Looking for a delicious, raw and local WA honey that helps combat hay fever? Look no further than our Mixed Blossom Raw Honey! Harvested in the suburbs of Perth, it contains pollen from the local flora that causes hay fever, making it a great choice for those looking to alleviate their symptoms.

Our honey is cold extracted to preserve its natural healing state, setting it apart from shop-bought honey. Additionally, by purchasing our honey, you are supporting local small business and beekeepers.

Our current batch of Mixed Blossom Raw Honey boasts a sweet and flavorful blend of banksia, redgum, jarrah, and wildflowers. It's perfect for adding to your tea or coffee and is a delightful topping for any dessert. With a steady supply, we're proud to offer this honey at an affordable price.


500g PET square container 

1kg   PET square bottle 


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