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Lemon, Honey & Ginger Tea

Lemon, Ginger and Honey Tea, really gets us buzzing with excitement.  The healing properties of all 3 ingredients combines for the perfect remedy for common colds and sore throats Serves: 1 Ingredients: 1 Small Lemon 1 Inch piece of Ginger Your favorite Honey to taste.  (About 1 tsp) Hot water Method: Add chopped lemon and ginger to the bottom of your favorite mug. Pour over your boiling water and stir.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't add your honey until the water reaches a comfortable sipping temperature.  Heating honey, de-natures its amazing healing properties.  Once the water has reached a comfortable drinking temperature add your desire amount of honey and stir through. Enjoy PS. All our honey varieties are raw, meaning that they...

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